Calculate your Return On Investment
Inputs (adjust values for your office next to * , then press 'calculate')
Patients Seen (Daily) *
Estimated Number of No-Shows (daily) *
Current Cost of No-Shows to your office (monthly)
(assumes per-visit revenue of *$)
Staffing costs to make reminder calls (monthly)
(assumes hourly rate of *$)
Estimated cost of Talksoft RemindMe (monthly) $
*Your return on Investment (every month) $(staffing costs)
**Your return on Investment (every month) $(increased revenue)

*Assumes 4 minutes to place each call, at the hourly rate specified. Return on investment is monthly staffing costs minus monthly cost of RemindMe.

**Assumes a 30% reduction in no-show rate, and a proportional increase in revenue due to fewer missed appointments.

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