Calculate your Return On Investment
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Patients Seen (Daily) *
Estimated Number of No-Shows (daily) *
Current Cost of No-Shows to your office (monthly)
(assumes per-visit revenue of *$)
Staffing costs to make reminder calls (monthly)
(assumes hourly rate of *$)
Estimated cost of Talksoft RemindMe (monthly) $
*Your return on Investment (every month) $(staffing costs)
**Your return on Investment (every month) $(increased revenue)

*Assumes 4 minutes to place each call, at the hourly rate specified. Return on investment is monthly staffing costs minus monthly cost of RemindMe.

**Assumes a 30% reduction in no-show rate, and a proportional increase in revenue due to fewer missed appointments.

Talksoft is now RevSpring. You can continue to log into your customer portal here. For more information on the brand change, visit RevSpring

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